Nature in its perfect beauty.

You might overlook Kohlstatt unintentionally.
It might happen because you can’t take your eyes off
the Steinernes Meer (the sea of stones) and the tops of the Böhmerwald mountains,
right in front of our door.

All you senses are sick with love, because they are astonished by the calm,
the gurgling of the border brook, the whispering of the trees and grass in the morning sun.

Your soul is bursting with happiness
as you feel the power of the land seep into your skin.
This is why you might overlook Kohlstatt.

Because Kohlstatt is right in the middle of nature in its perfect beauty.

Arrival from Austria

Via Peilstein:
From Linz to Rohrbach via Peilstein towards Kollerschlag. Right after Peilstein, in the village Geretschlag, turn right towards Vorderschiffl. In Vorderschiffl turn left towards Kohlstatt. You will arrive in Kohlstatt after about 4 km (2.5 miles).

Via Ulrichsberg:
After Ulrichsberg turn right towards Berdetschlag and Seitelschlag, continue towards Br‰uerau. Go straight at the major crossroad up the hill and turn left towards Kohlstatt. At the Schiffler chapel turn right and you will arrive in Kohlstatt after only 1 km (0.6 miles).

Arrival from Germany

From Passau via Wegscheid or Hauzenberg towards Breitenberg. Continue towards Thalberg and you will arrive in Kohlstatt after 2 km (1.3 miles). Please be aware that our hotel is right next to the border crossing between Bavaria and Upper Austria!


Put this address into your navigation system:
94139 Breitenberg, Kohlstattstrasse 75, Germany.